L.B. Bohle is one of the largest system suppliers for the pharmaceutical processing industry and related sectors

Internationally active, we focus on machinery and equipment as well as process technology and components. In addition, L.B. Bohle offer sustainable solutions for demanding production processes in batch and continuous manufacturing.


Our products

Continuous Manufacturing

L.B. Bohle is the most innovative technology company in the planning and implementation of machines and processes for the pharmaceutical solids production. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for your pharmaceutical oral solid dosage production.

Our products provide added value for your daily production guaranteeing significant cost savings and efficiency. We have the optimal machine for the following processes

  • weighing
  • wet and dry granulation
  • grinding and sieving
  • container blending
  • tablet coating
  • tablet sorting
  • product handling 

We have installed several thousand systems around the world, standing out with safety, efficiency, longevity, and resource-protecting production.

Continuous Manufacturing offers many advantages for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical solids:

Integrated processes, shorter manufacture times, more flexible production and increase of quality are only some of the advantages achieved by Continuous Manufacturing. 

L.B. Bohle create Continuous Manufacturing customized to your needs:

Our modular Continuous Manufacturing system QbCon® produces coated tablets from powder to the coated tablet through direct compression, wet granulation or dry granulation. Beside the flexible production plant, L.B. Bohle offer stand-alone systems for the continuous production of twin-screw granulation, drying, dry granulation and coating.

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