The last few months have marked the publication of research emerging from projects designed to collect and analyse genomic data on a wider scale than was previously thought possible. Scientists are not just studying specific mutations associated with medical conditions, but also establishing frameworks to understand the role of chromosomal instability and copy number changes in driving those disorders.

This month, we take a look at emerging research in this area, including that from the United Kingdom’s 100,000 Genomes Project, and understand how clinical applications could follow in the near future. 

Also in this issue, a feature takes a look at how clinical trials measure pain, the challenges of developing drugs for neglected tropical diseases, and whether Russia’s domestic pharma capabilities may shield the country from the negative effects of the sanctions imposed on it following the war in Ukraine. 

Don’t miss the data-led features on hiring trends for Internet-of-Things and digitalization jobs in the pharma industry. 

All this, and the latest pharma industry news, comment, data and analysis from GlobalData.

Manasi Vaidya, editor