How to securely transfer real-time data to cloud-based platforms without extra burden to your existing data systems?


ODIN empowers the connectivity of real-time data with cloud-based systems, machine learning and AI platforms in an easy, secure, and cost-effective way. ODIN securely transfers real-time data to cloud-based platforms, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, IOT Hubs, SQL Server and more, without extra burden to your existing data systems. Compatible with both OSIsoft PI & Wonderware historians, ODIN aggregates, filters, contextualizes, and delivers formatted data securely & efficiently via a web-based dashboard. ODIN also has in-built audit trails and the web-based configuration that allows easy data egress and ingress.

ODIN provides an easy-to-use tool to solve the need for automated data extracts and remove the time-consuming process of extracting and contextualizing data. This allows valuable time to be refocused back to data science and empower analytics. With ODIN, companies can make key business decisions and operational improvements through the utilization of existing data, bringing Industry 4.0 and digital strategies to the next level. As the industry leader in data intelligence, we are committed to help our customers in Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences achieve process manufacturing advances and propel towards Industry 4.0.