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Issue 111 • October 2021

Biologics have revolutionised drug development across medical sectors, being used to treat a wide array of diseases and conditions. But, with each new advancement in the sector comes a new challenge for the packaging solution used to ensure the safety and stability of these complex drugs throughout their designated shelf life.

To find out more, we unpack key developments in biologics packaging that are helping practitioners and patients to store and administer treatments.

Keeping with the topic of living medicines, scientists have reportedly identified the role bacteria can play in cancer growth and resistance to chemotherapy drugs – but these tiny microbes could prove useful in treating the disease, too. To learn more, we examine the promises and limitations of therapeutic bacteria as an approach to treating cancer. 

Elsewhere in this issue, we take a look at the marred history of HIV vaccine trials, ask if Covid-19 has exposed serious weaknesses in the US pharma supply chain, and find out why innovation in pharmacovigilance is necessary in a post-pandemic world.

All this, plus the latest insight and analysis from GlobalData.

Eloise Mclennan, editor