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With its D-Flex Pen, Haselmeier has created a medication delivery system that is a decisive step ahead of previous models: the multi-dose fixed pen for subcutaneous self-administration offers two options — it can deliver the medication in a single fixed dose or in multiple pre-set doses. The efficiency of the treatment is significantly optimised as a result. The D-Flex Pen gives pharmaceutical manufacturers a pioneering medication delivery system that is especially suitable for patient-centred medicine.
Innovative medication delivery systems are one way for pharmaceutical manufacturers to counter the cost pressures within the healthcare sector. Ultimately, for long-term success, medications must be particularly effective and safe — and ideally cheaper than previous solutions.

As a solutions provider in the field of drug delivery devices and as a service partner, Haselmeier also provides targeted support for start-ups throughout the entire development process: from the initial decision regarding suitable drug delivery devices to clinical studies with injection pens for subcutaneous administration and industrialisation.
Especially during the nebulous licensing process, start-ups can benefit from the expertise of an experienced partner such as Haselmeier with regard to the regulatory requirements that apply to medical technology and combination products. Haselmeier‘s standard product platforms for injection pens are highly suited to the early stages
of clinical development, and especially from phases two and three onwards. The use of standardised injection pens not only ensures that important data about the medication be obtained, but also that valuable information regarding the later commercial phase can also be gathered very early on.

Based on the technical product platforms for drug delivery devices, Haselmeier accommodates customer-specific requirements and promptly develops customised injection pens for subcutaneous self-injection. This approach saves valuable time, especially for customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The design, feel and look of the drug delivery devices can be adapted as required and integrated into the start-up‘s marketing strategy at an early stage. The demand for innovative solutions in the drug delivery devices sector is tremendous, and investment partners from industry and venture capital companies are waiting to support promising projects in initial seeding rounds. With Haselmeier as their partner, start-ups can also comply fully with the complex set of current regulations.

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Subcutaneous injection pens most importantly give patients a degree of freedom: self-administration with injection systems is based on small and handy pens that are easy to transport and ready for use at any time as required. They are safe and convenient to use: a fine needle is inserted under the skin and the medication is injected at the press of a button. Self-administration using injection systems gives pharmaceutical manufacturers the opportunity to offer clinicians and patients an especially innovative, safe and reliable method of drug delivery. Self-administration using injection systems bypasses the gastrointestinal tract. This is not only kinder to patients, but it also means that the medication generally works very quickly.

Therefore, during the development of a new medication it is advisable to consider self-administration using injection systems as a means of delivery. As soon as the pharmaceutical formulation is approved, the pharmaceutical manufacturer can work with our experts in injection systems to develop exactly the delivery tool that is most suitable for the respective active ingredient and its doses. Self-administration using injection systems means particularly high treatment efficiency for pharmacists and clinicians. Simple, safe and intelligent injection tools, known as smart devices, help to provide patients with reliable, pre-set doses of the active ingredient. Injection pens that feature smart functions and connectivity and remind patients to take their medication are already in development.