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hazardous waste management

You know the deal, to comply with stringent regulations hazardous waste has to be handled through specialized channels. To simplify this process, SUEZ has developed the best solutions to sort and prepare hazardous waste within our customers sites.

With a dedicated on-site organization, SUEZ provides waste and hazardous waste characterization; containment and disposal; waste treatment and recovery, while ensuring people’s safety and environment preservation.

SUEZ chemical waste specialists have a comprehensive knowledge of waste and hazardous composition and performance, a first and crucial step to define the most adequate solutions and improve recycling and recovery rates.

SUEZ hazardous waste management services include:

  • Onsite sorting & pre-treatment
  • Logistics management optimization
  • Alternative transportation
  • Waste co-processing
  • Waste treatment
  • Hazardous waste recovery
  • Complete traceability with real time reporting 

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we offer you the best available solutions to sort and prepare your waste on site

With SUEZ’ expertise, you will benefit from:

  • A dedicated on site organization, lead by a hazardous waste chemical specialist 
  • An on site sorting and grouping of your hazardous waste In full compliance with  Health and Safety guidelines 
  • A European waste flow to find the best recovery solution available using the SUEZ network of assets and also external partnerships if necessary. 
  • A full efficient and committed plan for productivity.
  • A complete traceability with a real time reporting, based on an IT system built with our customers

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we can provide the best solutions to sort and prepare waste on-site