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Issue 114 • January 2022

Pharmacovigilance of a single drug is one thing, but when it comes to polypharmacy, getting to the bottom of an adverse event is even more complex. When treatments involve several drugs, often prescribed by different healthcare parties with limited knowledge of a patient’s full history, it can be challenging to determine which drug caused adverse event, or whether interactions between them play a role. We explore the challenges of safety reporting in patients taking more than one drug, and how the process – and patient safety – can be improved.

Also in this issue, we speak to XIL Health founder and CEO Susan Lang about the future potential of 3D-printed drugs. We hear why Lang believes 3D printing in drug manufacturing could revolutionise personalised medicine, democratise access to medicines, improve sustainability in the supply chain and speed up the response time when infectious diseases spread.

Elsewhere, we find out how the narrow FDA panel vote on Merck’s molnupiravir could bolsters the outlook on mAbs, explore the potential of value-based pricing plans for therapies that become available after an FDA accelerated approval, and more.

Read on for all this, as well as the latest pharma industry comment, data and analysis from GlobalData.

Susanne Hauner, publisher