To meet the logistics needs of today’s pharmaceutical and healthcare customers, it takes a carrier with a strong pharma background. And Swiss WorldCargo is the right carrier to do so. From providing a wide array of sophisticated, temperature controlled container solutions to leveraging the short tarmac times at Zurich airport, Swiss WorldCargo provides the right infrastructure, facilities and solutions to manage the most diverse requirements. 

Various Swiss WorldCargo products offer solutions that meet the wide-ranging needs of our pharmaceutical and healthcare customers. 

  • SWISS °Celsius Active allows for transportation in a wide range of active temperature-controlled containers in temperature ranges from -20 °C to +20 °C. 
  • SWISS °Celsius Passive offers a choice between four official IATA temperature ranges varying between -60°C and +25°C, alongside standardized processes ensuring the proper environment for storage. 
  • SWISS °Celsius Passive Solutions offers standardized processes to ensure that cargo is stored in a required temperature environment. Uninterrupted cool chain door-to-door is also ensured.