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Whether single machine or complete production line – as an experienced special machine builder with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, L.B. Bohle develops and produces customized systems for the pharmaceutical solids production.

The technological solutions provided by Bohle rank top in pharmaceutical production. Based on long-standing expertise at all stages of the value chain, the specialists from Ennigerloh develop and produce efficient process and handling technology for pharmaceutical solids production. The product portfolio comprises all process steps: in addition to weighing, granulation and blending systems, the range includes milling and sieving systems, film coaters as well as special containers and lifting systems which are tailored to the requirements of sensitive handling in the pharmaceutical industry.

All machines are distinguished by simple handling, flexible production and small footprints.

Ongoing development is the key to success 

Technology Center and Service Center

Almost every machine in the pharmaceutical industry is one of a kind. In pharmaceutical solids production, the customers often have very specific preparations in mind when a new plant is being developed. Therefore, the Bohle experts develop and build machines in close cooperation with the customers.

In Bohle‘s research and development department, pharmaceutical experts, mechanical engineers and process and software experts work hand in hand. Since 2005, the entire production process can be tried out in the company‘s own Service Center. On an area of more than 600 square meters, the production of batch sizes between 10 and 30 kg is possible. Weighing stations, single pot high-shear granulators, fluid-bed technology, container blending, sieving and milling stations, tablet presses, coating and dry granulators can be used in a modular way or for clinic sample production. „This is complemented by our seminar rooms, where customers and scientific partners find ideal conditions for joint research & development activities “, says Executive Director Tim Remmert. Thanks to the direct interlinkage with the Technology Center, which was inaugurated in spring 2015, this open research platform continues to gain significance. For L.B. Bohle, ongoing further development of the machines and processes is an inherent part of the business model. More than 40 patents strengthen the position as a technological leader in the industry. The innovative solutions range from ventilation systems through to specially shaped spirals which prevent spray drying during the coating process, for instance.

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Continuous Production


Spraying, drying, blending – in order to achieve perfect results in the coating process, all production steps must be perfectly aligned. Whether laboratory or process machine – coaters made by Bohle are at the cutting edge of technology and guarantee high profitability. Apart from homogeneous coating, careful handling of the tablets is one of the distinguishing features of the machine series. A flat tablet bed in large drum geometry and continuous adjustment of the inclination angles ensure optimal movement of the cores. The systematic compulsory guide in the drum enables continuous product movement. This prevents tablet twinning and considerably reduces losses in solids and coatings. The special air system creates advantages in process technology as the risk of spray drying of the suspension is eliminated. The coaters excel by easy operation and cleaning.

Blending processes in the pharmaceutical industry are extremely challenging as a reliable distribution of active substances can only be ensured with a homogeneous blend. In this area of blending technology, L.B. Bohle is the world market leader.

From small laboratory blenders through to big production machines, container volumes of one to 12,000 liters are implemented. The PM systems are not only distinguished by their patented technology with counter-current process but also by maximum flexibility in their application. They not only assume a blending function but also act as feeders of the process machines. Apart from the successful PM series, the range also includes blenders for third-party containers.

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