When transporting your pharmaceuticals, you need a strong partner with in-depth knowledge learned from decades in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

Closed Cool Chain Solutions©  

Our premium solution for transporting temperature sensitive shipments utilizes active containers. Closed Cool Chain solutions are attached to very high-value products in need of dedicated attention and the strictest temperature control. Together with our packaging partners, we offer several rental arrangements for specialized containers for the transport of temperature sensitive products, such as vaccines and insulin. Because these products need special care, we give you the opportunity to have access to the temperature readings of each container on our website. Steering and monitoring the temperature of medicines is mandatory to release your product on the market to ensure your patient’s safety. 

In addition to our dedicated products, we offer the possibility to add a passive container as optional in order to prevent any temperature deviations during lead times.

Controlled Cool Chain Solutions©  


For healthcare products that require transport and storage within these defined limited temperature ranges, we offer you the following services:

  • Air transport, trucking and warehousing at temperatures between 2°C and 8°C or 15°C and 25°C;
  • Storage in temperature-controlled facilities on airport premises;
  • Dedicated monitoring of the cool chain; – Notification to the captain to ensure in-flight conditioning (NOTOC).

PHARMA +2+25

This solution offers protection against extreme temperatures and weather conditions, including such services as:

  •  Air transport, trucking and storage between 2°C and 25°C;
  •  Dedicating monitoring in case of extreme weather conditions;
  •  Thermal blankets on request for additional temperature control and protection.