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More than just leak detection.

WILCO AG has developed into a globally recognized solution provider of inspection systems for pharmaceutical packaging. WILCO AG offers tailor-made inspection solutions for laboratory, at-line and 100% inline applications.  Almost 50 years of experience, broad technology portfolio, high-quality mechanical engineering and complete service portfolio offer their customers the highest possible level of safety.

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Tailor-made solutions for you

Comprehensive feasibility studies in WILCO’s laboratory, process analyses and the method development based on them, lay the foundation for the successful design and introduction of test systems. With WILCO’s many years of experience, they support customers and jointly develop solutions that are fully tailored to their needs. This starts with laboratory systems, which are used in research and the inspection of clinical samples, and extends to method transfer into the commercial production of sterile pharmaceuticals.

To date, there is no "one-size-fits-all" technology for visual inspection and leak testing that can be used for all applications. Different product types such as liquids, powders, lyophilisates and the increasing number of packaging combinations require a rethink in the development of modern inspection systems. This is the path we take in close cooperation with you.

Through their extensive portfolio of technology and methods, which is constantly optimized and expanded, WILCO has the possibility to put together an optimal combination for your specific packaging/product combination. This enables WILCO to develop standard applications as well as combine individual solutions tailored to your needs. This is particularly important when drugs are not processed in conventional packaging.


Patented technologies for maximum safety

The origin of WILCO AG lies in leak testing with pneumatic measuring methods. Due to the wide range of possible applications, this technology has developed considerably over a period of more than 25 years in pharmaceutical production and takes on many different forms. WILCO has set a further milestone in leak testing with the first high-performance 100% in-line testing system with mass spectroscopy, which opens up new possibilities in sensitivity at high throughput rates. In addition, Headspace analysis has become increasingly established in leak testing over the past 15 years. In 2003, the world's first lyophilisate inspection system was put into operation by WILCO. Since then, WILCO has made significant advances in sensitivity and robustness in measurement technology, making them the leading manufacturer of high performance systems.


In addition to its use in leak testing, headspace analysis is also used in other areas of the inspection of quality-relevant attributes. Non-destructive testing of residual oxygen concentrations and headspace pressure, as well as CO2 gas concentration changes in MediaFills are two of these. 


In visual inspection, camera systems are primarily used along with a variety of lighting technologies to detect intrinsic and extrinsic particles as well as cosmetic packaging defects. WILCO also uses X-ray based inspection systems that allow for the visual inspection of products that would be impossible with conventional camera technology, such as particle inspection in lyophilisates and powders. In image processing, WILCO uses the latest developments in machine learning. In some applications, for example the reduction of false ejections due to bubbles in the product, significantly better results are achieved than with conventional image processing.


An important quality aspect of lyophilisates is the residual moisture in the cake after the drying process. The classic measuring method for this is still Karl-Fischer, but this method destroys the samples and therefore cannot be used for 100% inspection. In addition, the process requires much more intensive personnel and time. This problem can be solved with near infrared spectroscopy (NIR): The recording and evaluation of the lyo sample’s spectra takes place in fractions of a second, is non-destructive and can therefore be used even in high-performance systems with more than 600 units per minute. In addition to the residual moisture, further attributes and defects can be inspected.

Innovation and sustainability are important drivers for WILCO. The in-house R&D team is always working on new developments in order to always offer the optimum solution and to ensure compliance with the latest regulation requirements such as USP1207 and Annex1. WILCO continuously publishes its findings at trade fairs and events all over the world.

Worldwide Customer Support

WILCO’s portfolio is rounded off with comprehensive services for machine qualification and after-sales. The on-site services include commissioning, production support, validation tests, training, maintenance and repair. WILCO’s after-sales team also upgrades and retrofits existing machines which have been in production for many years. Updating them to the latest controls and sensor systems to provide improved capabilities and extended life. Of course they also offer calibration services for all of the Wilcomat machines. WILCO's technical support department, together with specialists, are committed to provide solutions that protect your investment for the long-term.

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