DJA is a Multi-Industry Machinery Provider that has partnered with multiple companies from around the world to provide high quality machinery at a competitive price.

Outserts folding machines and carton inspection machines

These automatic paper folding machines are equipped with high speed flat pile vacuum feeder enabling them to handle a range of different style papers

  • coated paper
  • non-coated paper
  • bible paper

A variety of folds:

  • single
  • double
  • triple
  • accordion fold
  • “U” fold
  • double parallel fold

Our range of pile feeders can fold up to 6 folds to a paper whose maximum length can go up to 18 inches. An ideally located display panel indicates the folded sheets, batch count and productivity information about an ongoing job. A rotary scoring (creasing) attachment is provided at the delivery end.

key features 

Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment and Peristaltic Pumps which are used in several industries.

Key features

  • Measures hardness, weight, diameter/length, width and thickness of tablets
  • Body made of S.S. to comply with cGMP regulations
  • Perfect Companion for IPQC cubicles
  • 7” full color intuitive touch screen display
  • Constant speed measuring principle
  • Programmable calibration and verification modes
  • Basic security and factory default settings
  • Tilt sensing device enables display orientation change in verification and calibration mode
  • Tablet manager tray for easy carrying of tablets from weighing scale

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