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From simple to complex

With new pressure sensors and level switches, VEGA becomes a full-range supplier for level and pressure in pharmaceutical applications.

The special challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry result from the wide diversity of its processes. Success depends on the consistency and continuity of the production processes – whether it be mixing, filling, autoclaving or CIP and SIP cleaning. This makes it all the more important for operators to be able to rely fully on the measurement technology deployed on the plant. Level and pressure sensors from VEGA have made a name for themselves over many decades for their reliability and longevity. Robust, versatile and easy to use: even under extreme conditions or strict regulations, they provide important impulses for greater plant safety and efficiency.

Complete supplier for level and pressure

VEGA now completes its measurement portfolio for pharmaceuticals production with two new compact instrument series comprising of pressure sensors/switches and point level switches. The product families VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT prove that automation can be quite simple and highly efficient at the same time, without compromising on reliability, hygiene or accuracy. The new measuring instruments are perfectly tailored to standard applications that nevertheless require high quality. Their standardized hygienic adapter system provides the flexibility needed to keep installation effort and parts inventory to the minimum. The process fittings can be interchanged and adapted to local requirements.

At a glance: 360° switching status display

Thanks to the all-round status display, all sensor states can be easily seen from any direction. This illuminated ring, which can be customised from a choice of 256 different colours, remains clearly visible, even in daylight. At a glance, the user can see if the measuring process is running, if the sensor is switching or if  any sensor management required.

Intelligence with IO-Link

There is a lot of sensor intelligence built into the new compact series: the standard IO-Link protocol ensures both universal and simple communication. This means that, via the standardized communication platform, this enables seamless data transfer and simple system integration.

Everything’s easier with wireless operation

VEGA has also integrated wireless communication into its new VEGABAR and VEGAPOINT measuring instrument series. The sensors can connect via smartphone or tablet. Especially useful  in environments such as clean rooms, where physical access involves a lot of effort, it means setup and operation become considerably easier.

The new VEGABAR pressure switches/sensors and VEGAPOINT level switches represent an important milestone for VEGA, combining key elements of reliability, flexibility and accuracy for pharmaceutical processes. Now, users not only get an entire range of level and pressure measurement technology from a single source, but also hygiene-optimised instrument designs that are extremely easy to install and use.

((PN-VEGABAR2x_VEGABAR3x_VEGAPOINT21-300DPI.tif)): The new VEGABAR compact pressure sensors with switching function and VEGAPOINT capacitive level switches are perfectly tailored to standard applications. One special feature is the 360° status display, which can be set to any one of 256 different colours and easily seen from any direction. 

((PN-VEGABAR38_VEGAPOINT21-Hygadapter-300DPI-cmyk.tif)): The universal, flexible hygienic adapter system of the new instrument series reduces not only the amount of work involved, but also the spare parts inventory.