How is your cold chain data fitting into your digitalization strategy? 

Temperature data holds the key to proving quality compliance. However, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Combine it effectively in your evolving IoT supply chain, and the world is your oyster. Supply chain visibility and cost-effective operations are at your fingertips.

ELPRO is a global partner to biopharma for the past 30+ years.

If investing for the long-haul IoT future, working with a trusted, experienced monitoring partner is the safest way to go.


Digital transformation is a journey.

The future holds exciting promises.

But today – there are many challenges.

Problems piecing together data from different sites and lane segments

Inefficient processes in evaluating temperature excursions

Data in disparate silos creating inefficient decision making

Lack of visibility into how sites and partners are in compliance with your SOPs


ELPRO steers you on the path toward process automation and supply chain 4.0 

Intelligent software

AI isn’t giving us all the answers yet. Instead, we need to build the data, to make informative decisions.

ELPRO liberoMANAGER is the most advanced temperature monitoring database. It can automate workflows and product release. Or go the next step, to integrate with your ERP and QMS, to continue working toward complete supply chain digitalization.

Sustainable Real-time Tracking

Trends come and go, technology evolves. 
That’s why, when ELPRO creates a new solution, you can be sure it’s with great consideration. 

The new LIBERO Gx for real-time monitoring is based on LPWAN, Cat M1 (NB-IoT) to ensure lower power consumption and lower cost. 

This sustainable technology for the long-term future offers better network coverage and longer transportation duration due to longevity of device operations. Users receive immediate, clear information from the device display, making it the most user-friendly device.

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Last Miles & Clinical Supply

Direct-to-Patient distribution has changed the supply chain indefinitely. Supply into commercial and clinical last miles has brought the patient closer than ever before.

LIBERO ITS is a unit-level long-term indicator thin and durable to make it from point of manufacture, to a patient's refrigerator, or on a clinical kit to patient administration. Smart enough to record deviations, create reports, and manage individual stability budgets. The LIBERO ITS delivers your temperature data in a format that be assessed in software or a database.

watch the LIBERO ITS Video here

Source: Leading Minds Seminar Amsterdam: November 13 – 14 2019