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Mopping System


Mopping Systems. Ergonomic and Sustainable

Heightened awareness of risk management, accountability back to the point of origin, ISO guidelines and numerous other standards means that manufacturers and in turn, their suppliers, must identify cleaning methods and supplies that will ensure consistent, quality products – both economic and sustainable.

Aseptic Cleaning  – materials of construction are selected to limit particulate in stringent processing areas. Mops and wiping materials are validated sterile. Consideration is given to compatibility with surfaces, disinfectants and most importantly the drug or device being manufactured.

Ergonomic/Sustainable - A choice of lightweight plastics and/or electropolished stainless steel allow customers to match the material to the job, and crew, at hand.  Mop heads that can be laundered and  autoclaved are designed in a selection of different fabrics.  Sterile, Irradiated mops are interchangeable with the Micronova stainless steel or plastic hardware.

Custom Mop Designs to clean Lyopholizers and Cleanroom Curtains can cut back on time and operator strain(effort)

Simple – for ease of implementation and consistency the simplest methods for wetting, wringing and wiping hold up the best.  

Robust – high grade stainless steel and strong plastic components guard against rusting and corrosion. This impacts the economic and environmental viability as it means longer lasting hardware! To round out their hardware portfolio, Micronova’s modular stackable carts are now available with electropolished stainless buckets. The C-93 series of stainless steel carts come in single, double and triple options offering the same simplicity and stackability as their C-7 plastic counterparts.

Scaleable –  from Seminconductor Fabs to Glove Boxes and Isolators Validating new systems and materials takes time.  

Micronova’s mop systems have materials of construction that are constant across the range -  allowing you to scale cleaning methods from small compounding rooms and isolators to large production facilities, Semiconductor Fabs and Foundries.




Cleanroom Adhesive Tapes and Cleanroom Labeling

Micronova has pressure sensitive tapes with key characteristics that match applications in Semiconductor, Life Science, Pharmaceutical and Lab Industries.

Polyethylene tapes have low to medium tack properties.  These tapes are available in a range of colors and are designed for sealing, color coding, gowning  and equipment marking.Vinyl tapes are conformable for sealing and peel and re-seal applications.  

Polyimide tapes will withstand extremes of temperature from – 100oF to 500oF and are used in aerospace testing, cold cabinets in Bioprocess facilities and a host of wet bench and overlabeling applications.

Autoclave Tape comes on a plastic core and is both lead-free and Rohs compliant.

Irradiated Pens complement the labeling, color coding piece and can be used in conjunction with the tapes for labeling or written directly onto containers and paperwork.  PEN 40 series is alcohol resistant and available irradiated.

& Cleaners


Low-Ionic Detergents for Semiconductor, Electronics and Neutral Cleaning  

The NovaClean detergent range - finely filtered concentrate with no mobile ions – is suited to those fabs and nanotechnology application where VOCs are prohibited and cleaning agents need to be filtered to below 0.1 microns.  NovaClean is also available irradiated to meet those protocols where SOPs call for a neutral detergent that also meets sterility requirements in A & B areas.

Micronova Soaps include Waterless Hand Sanitizers and Anti-Bacterial Soaps that work with the Touch Free Dispenser for economic, consistent dosing.
Micronova’s Soaps and Detergents are all REACH registered.

& Liners


Bags and Bucket Liners

Sterile Bags and Bucket Liners are robust and designed for simple trash removal to transporting product, master batching and removal of bio-hazard in cell culture labs

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