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Issue 110 • September 2021

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 rapidly accelerated healthcare’s transition to digital, as social distancing and lockdown measures forced many to find ways to keep health systems running while many other industries ground to a halt.

Unfortunately, the speedy transition to digital systems has also made companies in the pharma industry very lucrative targets for cybercriminals who are primed and waiting to exploit any weak link in the security chain.

Over the past few years, the pharma industry has been targeted multiple times. But can these previous incidents help pharma companies to prepare for future breach attempts? We find out.

Also in this issue, we dive into the dirty subject of pharma pollution to find out how hospitals in Europe are working to reduce the environmental impact of wastewater, learn how the mRNA technology used to develop Covid-19 vaccines could help to improve seasonal flu jabs, and examine the drugs being used to help treat alcohol use disorder patients.

All this, plus the latest insight and analysis from GlobalData.

Eloise Mclennan, editor