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Medical rental equipment for clinical trials

We provide timely access to medical equipment and support logistic needs, compliant to the sunshine act. Our tailored rental solutions adapt to your clinical trial phase, geographic complexities and allow for delays and early terminations. We cut unexpected costs with transparent predictable solutions so that you can streamline drug development.

We can provide medical equipment for drug development in over 150 countries. Having built a strong network of local agents and brokers, we can deliver medical equipment on site, when needed, worldwide.

Clinichain helps companies with their medical equipment needs for clinical trials. We rent, manage and transport medical equipment for global clinical trials. We offer rental, sale and sourcing solutions for standard and specific clinical equipment needs.


We offer a broad range of high-end medical equipment for rent, such as ECG devices, freezers, refrigerators, wearable devices, centrifuges, infusion pumps and point-of-care devices.


We offer global logistics to make sure your medical equipment is always where it needs to be. Because of our extensive knowledge on the regional regulatory, we avoid delays. Our global network of local logistic experts makes it possible to stick to the tight study schedules.


  • Timing critical shipments of medical equipment
  • Calibration service of medical equipment during clinical trial
  • Global network of local logistics experts and medical equipment vendors
  • Global repair services
  • Global disposal services



  • No upfront deposit, storage costs, or maintenance costs
  • Flexible rental periods: you only pay for medical equipment when you need it
  • Transparent prices per clinical trial: no unforeseen costs.
  • A full-package solution, including logistics, testing, replacement, maintenance, validation and calibration
  • Real time equipment reports
  • No delays in medical equipment access
  • Single point of contact
  • Worry-free outsourced equipment services
  • Unlimited storage service

Flexible solutions

With our flexible rental solutions, you only pay for equipment when using it. If your study is delayed or terminated early, we provide full flexibility in equipment needs. We co-create tailor-made solutions together with you for specific clinical trial needs. Where, how and whenever you need it. We have a global network of logistic suppliers and cater to time critical demands.

Transparent service

Our fully transparent equipment service adapted to the clinical trial budget eliminates unexpected costs. Our services are compliant to the quality requirements of ISO-9001 and GDP. The in-house calibration experts ensure that the relevant certificates are always shipped together with the medical equipment. Real-time equipment reports per clinical trial make sure you always follow your study protocol.

Worry free approach

By alleviating your medical equipment provision, you can focus on the research. Our broad range of medical equipment and short sourcing lead-time ensures that your medical equipment demands are always met. A strong network of global couriers and brokers help you with your logistical challenges. Our core rental equipment is available without a deposit. With our full medical equipment package you will have a single contact point for all your needs. Our services include medical equipment repair, replacement and recalibration to ensure that there will be no delay in the clinical trial.