The New way of Clinical Trials:

The clinical trials industry is changing. As an equipment provider for clinical studies, Clinichain identifies that the industry is operating more remote, more data-driven and has become homebased. We experience an increasing amount of studies involving a wearable monitoring device and connected devices, through which patients can receive feedback from their researchers and site personnel. The personalized data generated by the app itself is used to read out clinical outcomes. Throughout this innovative approach, the journey from lab to patient will shorten. This means faster development of new medicines and treatments.

Home based Trials

Wearables have the potential to overcome several challenges related to clinical trials. They improve execution by increasing patients’ ability to participate, they drive patient engagement, and create more opportunities for decentralized trial sites. Measurements can be done continuously and results in more reliable clinical result outcomes.

Global equipment rental service

Clinichain provides timely access to medical equipment and support logistic needs, compliant to the sunshine act. Our tailored rental solutions adapt to your clinical trial phase, geographic complexities and allow for delays and early terminations. We can provide medical equipment for drug development in over 150 countries. Having built a strong network of local equipment agents and brokers, we can deliver medical equipment on site, when needed, worldwide.

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