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SMART-Solutions with a new generation of injection systems

Our mission is to make the world a better place for patients with a new generation of drug delivery tools. Haselmeier develops and produces self-injection systems that deliver precise doses and are easy to use. To clients from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, we are a reliable strategic partner from ideas development to series production. Unique, customized and safe injection systems for medical devices — this is what Haselmeier stands for.

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Experts in injection-based self-medication

Haselmeier is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of innovative products for self-administration via injection systems. In the field of medical devices, we have gathered experience for almost 100 years. A high-calibre planning and development team is responsible for the drafting, planning and industrialisation of our innovative self-injection systems. „For the SMART-Solutions sector, we have created a novel platform solution for various injection systems that is used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all over the world“, says Vice President Sales Dr. Fred Metzmann, Customer Business Management.

Customized solutions

As the experts in injection-based self-medication, Haselmeier has an im-pressive track record of reliability in treatment with personalised system solutions and offers an impressive level of scalability, comfort and intelligent control and monitoring. The injection systems offer efficient, high-tech tre-atments. Our aim is to use our broad portfolio of tried-and-tested and exis-ting injection systems to develop customized solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Always in focus: people

The well-being of patients is always at the heart of Haselmeier‘s research
and development work. Independence in the form of self-administration with injection systems ultimately gives people the ability to manage their illness more effectively and therefore improves their quality of life significantly. The patient-centred approach is becoming increasingly important for everyone involved in the healthcare system. With its SMART-Solutions, Haselmeier is creating medication delivery systems that are not only especially reliable and safe, but also personalised and scalable.

A success story: subcutaneous injection

Numerous conditions can be managed effectively nowadays. Thanks to innovative medications, patients now often have the ability to actively shape their lives in spite of their illness. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the challenge lies in keeping pace with patients‘ growing mobility and independence.
Self-administration with injection systems is a good way of doing this. In the field of insulin pens, the process of subcutaneous injection has been tried and tested for many years, and is used by clinicians and patients worldwide.
Ultimately, self-administration using injection systems is a simple process
for patients, is largely pain-free and, thanks to constantly improving injection systems, is also safe and convenient.

Particularly high therapy efficiency

Self-administration using injection systems means particularly high treatment efficiency for pharmacists and clinicians. Studies confirm that numerous prescribed medications may be collected by patients from the pharmacy, but then get left unused in drawers after the first few doses. This is especially the case with growth hormone treatments. The treatment prescribed by the clinician is therefore unable to have any effect and the patient‘s condition does not improve. Simple, safe and intelligent injection tools, known as smart devices, help to provide patients with reliable, pre-set doses of the active ingredient. The interval between doses can be easily controlled with self-administration using injection systems. Injection pens that feature smart functions and connectivity and remind patients to take their medication are already in development. System solutions that offer additional benefits for everyone involved, including scalability, sophisticated control and
monitoring, will become increasingly important in the future.

Injection Pens from small batches to commercial volume

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You can find out more about pioneering self-delivery using injection systems made by Haselmeier by calling +49 (0) 711 71 97 90 or e-mailing

Contact: Wilhelm Haselmeier GmbH & Co. KG

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70567 Stuttgart / Germany 

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