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Vcaps® Plus

The gold standard in HPMC capsules


  • HPMC only Capsules
  • No gelling agents
  • Improved physical and operational features to match the needs of the pharmaceutical industry


Dissolution profile

  • pH-independent performance 
  • Independent of ionic strength


Key advantages

  • Great visual appearance
  • Low-moisture content suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredients
  • Great machinability


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Vcaps® Enteric

 Right on target

Proven Properties

  • Intrinsically enteric capsule 
  • Improving tolerability of API’s that cause gastric-irritation 
  • API protection against degradation in the gastric environment
  • Achieving targeted release in the small intestine


In vitro dissolution test

  • Complies with pharmacopoeial requirements for delayed release
  • Robust enteric release 
  • Immediate and full disintegration at pH 6.8


Key advantages

  • Saves development time
  • No coating needed
  • High API protection


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