to better biophysical charaterization

From elucidating molecular interactions and cellular processes to manufacturing more effective drugs and vaccines, we’re here to help you at every step.

Below is a small selection of resources that you may find useful along the way:

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Stable foundations to build on

Combine biophysical techniques and advanced kinetics to predict the long-term stability of biologics.

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The power to pinpoint
Quickly validate the protein/protein interactions that can make or break drug design.

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Expert insight to inspire you

Discover how calorimetry elucidates protein misfolding and aggregation events.

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Quality to depend on

Ensure sample quality and implement good experimental practices for reliable binding data.

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Strength to lead

Discover how our solutions helped KBI Biopharma create a clear commercial advantage.

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Guidance to get you there
Download the expert guide to protein stability measurement platforms.

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