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Proven to Reduce Fill Time and Cross Contamination

  • EZ BioPac®, ILC Dover’s purpose-built powder containment and transfer system, speeds fill time and makes it easy to adjust contents to precise target weight
  • It’s separate discharge outlet and antistatic polymer material mean faster, cleaner discharge with residuals consistently 2g or less in a 5 kg bag
  • The EZ BioPac® bag’s unique design and protective skirt reduce or eliminate contamination of the support stand and bag exterior, drastically reducing clean-up requirements

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Ease To Use

EZ BioPac® ​​​​​​​bags and custom polypropylene support stand allow fast, foolproof set-up

Reduce Fill Time

Large-diameter top opening speeds filling by as much as 71%

Minimize Cleaning

Attached zip ties or ILC Dover’s proprietary crimping system assure complete closure and containment of the bag’s contents

Wide Capacity Range

Bags are available in capacities from 1 to 100 liters to suit full range of plant requirements

Array of Flange Sizes

EZ BioPac® bags offer discharge sanitary flange sizes from 1.5˝ to 8˝ to match a variety of process vessels


Issues Of Powder Handling

Media and buffer ingredients used in powder form have historically been transferred from stock containers using open scoops, funnels and bags, then carried and dumped directly into production vessels, since sterility wasn’t required at that early manufacturing stage. While sterility may not be an issue, biopharmaceutical production managers have come to recognize that worker exposure to airborne particulates and the potential for cross-contamination at line change-over can be.

Consequently, they have started to implement single-use systems for powder transfer. Unfortunately, many early systems were simply adapted from liquid-handling systems already in use at the time, and converted to handle powders. These systems often have inherent shortcomings. Instead, production managers should look for systems designed from the ground up to handle biopharmaceutical powders.

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Boosting Profitability With Single-Use Powder Transfer

Many biopharmaceutical manufacturers are implementing single-use containment for transfer of media and buffer materials to prevent feedstock contamination and to promote worker safety. The type of containment system used, however, can have a significant impact on productivity and profitability. Equipment should be evaluated and chosen carefully.

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The Keys To Efficient Powder Transfer And Containment

The most efficient powder containment and transfer equipment will feature:

  • A design developed specifically to handle powders
  • Fast filling
  • Easy, complete sealing
  • Fast, clean dispensing
  • Complete product recovery (i.e., no powder left in the container)
  • Self-supporting containers to promote easy handling and distribution

Unlike systems adapted from an existing liquid-handling system,  ILC Dover’s EZ BioPac® system was designed specifically to handle powders in biopharmaceutical applications. The EZ BioPac® system from ILC Dover substantially lessens the amount of powder that disperses into the air, reduces the time needed for changeover, lowers staff costs, and frees staff to work on more vital jobs, which all contribute to profitability.

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