FBI NGI November 2019 Fact Sheet Statistics:

• The FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) database contains the fingerprints of over 145.9 million individuals (both civil and criminal).
• Over 97.5% of the Tenprint Rapsheet Request (TPRS) responses were completed within 19 seconds.

Fiscal Year 2019 Average

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For the Pharma Technology Industry

FBI fingerprint-based background checks are increasingly required for U.S. Citizens to live, work and travel overseas in many countries such as China, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Spain and Israel.

Accurate Biometrics was the first authorized FBI Channeler, to provide access to FBI Identity History Summary Checks (IdHS), or Departmental Orders (556-73). For 20 years we have been a leader in the fingerprint industry with our technology capabilities, expertise and dedicated service to government agencies and private industries.

Our expertise will assist your company:

  • National U.S. Collection Network, over 800 locations in 50 states
  • Fast access to Identity History Summary Checks for Visa  requirements direct from the FBI CJIS, several delivery options are available including a secure watermarked hard copy of the results
  • SAME DAY International fingerprint card processing
  • Certified AWS GOV Cloud Hosting Environment for FBI Channeling

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Will Peterson 
Director of Business Development