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PHOENIX All-in-One: From a transactional to a strategic partnership with the pharmaceutical industry in 26 countries in Europe

PHOENIX group is a Germany based Healthcare Provider with the best coverage in 26 European countries. We help our industry partners to grow their business with services along the entire value chain with our European service brand PHOENIX All-in-One.

The PHOENIX group is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer in Europe, ensuring that prescription and over-the-counter medicines always get to the right place at the right time in 26 countries. PHOENIX group´s vision is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever we are.

With PHOENIX All-in-One, PHOENIX provides services for pharmaceutical companies along the entire value chain, from production to point of sale generating more revenue at multiple different stages. All-in-One cuts complexity and allows industry partners to concentrate on their core business with our motto “Increase your revenue through All-in-One”. 

Our key offerings are ready-to-use and tailor-made sales and marketing support in more than 14,000 pharmacies in 26 countries across Europe (Partnerships), insights on pharmacists, doctors and patients behaviour creating improved patient adherence and better decision making (Business Intelligence), decreased costs through expert warehousing and healthcare logistics, valuable support and comparator sourcing for clinical trials and customised specialty solutions like procurement consultancy.

Increase your revenue through All-in-One

From Market Access to Market Success: Business Intelligence 

Based on discussions with our industry partners, we realised the value they can gain from retail data sets. Initial proof of concept confirmed that clients can benefit from data analyses and increased revenue, spend budgets wisely and improving patient treatments. The decision was taken to integrate wholesale and retail data into one database. This real world and real time database is the foundation of PHOENIX All-in-One solutions. You can benefit from market intelligence in near real-time. 

Beyond providing Business Intelligence solutions like Launch Excellence or Marketing Campaign RoI Analysis, we have more arrows in the quiver to provide success and take appropriate action. PHOENIX All-in-One services, such as Healthcare Logistics and Patient Services, can be combined resulting in closed-loop success based collaborations. PHOENIX group provides business analytics; helps optimise the supply chain and provide PoS support, thus closing the loop between you and your patients to deliver success.

International Healthcare Logistics Network

PHOENIX is not just a well-known wholesaler, but a big player in international healthcare logistics – some call it pre-wholesale or pharma logistics. It is much easier doing business and joint development with one service provider that lead to better results with less administration.

PHOENIX group takes care of market access with our good market knowledge to support the sales of the pharmaceutical industry, can jointly evaluate the supply chain for the best solution for your products and optimise stock levels for reduced NWC.

Our full logistic services in all product groups consist of over 40 distribution centres in 23 European countries with a capacity for over 300,000 pallets and serving more than 200 manufacturers.

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