At Material Flow Solutions, we supply cost effective, engineered solutions based on measurement of key material flow properties. We provide material property testing combined with 40 years of design experience to solve flow problems facing today’s producers of fine powders in the pharmaceutical industry.

With decades of experience in the powder and particle industry, we recognized the need for advancement in two very specific areas. 

  • Segregation potential measurement and prediction for REAL mixtures – not simple bimodal mixtures, but mixtures of multiple components.
  • Powder flowability measurement at product formulation time, at contact pressures low enough to correlate with REAL tablet/capsule fill systems, and in sample quantities small enough to be affordable when high-cost preliminary production quantities are all that is available.

We met the need by developing the SPECTester® segregation quantifier and the SSSpinTester® strength and density analyzer.

We use these commercially available instruments in our in-house laboratory to directly measure the powder characteristics data necessary to successfully design processes with minimal flow issues and tablets/capsules with significantly reduced off-specification product runs.

Using the SPECTester to evaluate product segregation

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