Proceedix is a digital inspection and instruction workflow execution platform, guiding deskless workers with mobile and wearable technology.

The core of our system is not a form but a workflow specifying each task of an instruction or inspection and indicating how it should be done right. Each time a workflow is performed, all details are logged in a unique execution.

The Proceedix platform has various features particularly designed to cope with typical instruction and inspection execution requirements in the life science industry.

Smartphone & Tablets

Smart Glasses


Typical use cases for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry are:

  • Line cleaning and changeover instructions
  • Lab inspections (e.g. 5S)
  • Lab equipment calibration inspections and instructions
  • Hands-free R&D protocol execution with smart glasses
  • Periodical asset inspections
  • Safety audits & non-conformity capturing

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