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Issue 105 • April 2021

“Two households, both alike in dignity.” Although Shakespeare wrote these words to describe two warring families in fair Verona, they could easily be applied to the meeting of two powerhouse industries in the healthcare space: Big Pharma and Big Tech.

As Big Tech’s interest in pharma grew, it seemed like the two industries were on route to collision. But what happens when Big Pharma and Big Tech join forces to drive innovation in healthcare? We find out.

Sticking with technology, we learn how the pharma industry is getting to grips with social media as traditional broadcast and print marketing falls out of favour with patients.

Elsewhere in this issue, we round up four key ways that the pharma industry can prepare for the next health pandemic, ask if Long Covid symptoms could help patients dealing with chronic fatigue symptoms, and examine a regulatory framework for the production, distribution and export of medical cannabis in the Isle of Man

Plus, we dive into the complex world of mRNA vaccines to find out if the treatment option has potential outside of infectious diseases, speak to the minds behind the Ineos Oxford Institute for AMR Research to find out what can be done to avoid AMR disaster, and take a look at the business and public benefits of embracing the public benefit corporation model.

All this and more in this latest issue of Pharma Technology Magazine.

Eloise Mclennan, editor