With sustainability now a leading topic across industry, finding ways to reduce the environmental footprint of a company has become a crucial task. But for an international operation like global pharma – it’s not necessarily an easy on. To help navigate the complex field of eco-friendly business practises, we explore a sustainability wish list for pharma in 2020 and beyond.

Also in this issue, we take a look at the potential of synthetic DNA sequencing in medicine with Twist Therapeutics CEO Dr Emily Leproust, find out how regulators and industry leaders can support gene and cell therapy trials in the UK, and try to separate the fact from fiction around chronic Lyme disease treatments.

Plus, we investigate why developing countries are struggling to access opioid medication while the US works to curb overuse of the same products, take a look are a new service from UPS that tracks vital medicine in transit, ask if the push to meet drug approval deadlines is putting patients at risk, and find out what went wrong for Proteus Digital Health’s smart pill.