Sepha provides the pharmaceutical industry with a range of non-destructive leak testing equipment, deblistering machines and laboratory-scale blister packing machines for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical blister packs, medical devices and healthcare products.  

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Package Integrity

Sepha offers a range of innovative, non-destructive package integrity testing machines developed to detect leaks in a wide variety of pharmaceutical blister packs, induction-sealed bottles, sachets, pouches and medical device packaging.

We work with the majority of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies helping them to improve quality assurance procedures and to reduce manufacturing costs, enabling clients to efficiently meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the industry.

Key features:

  • Non-destructive test methods
  • Based on vacuum technologies
  • Technology can test for leaks as small as 7µm
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Tool-less options, ideal for product changes
  • Easy to use touch screen interface
  • Can form part of 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system
  • Active Directory and OPC Connectivity on request

Product Recovery

Sepha provides a comprehensive range of automatic, semi-automatic and manual deblistering machines that enable the safe recovery of valuable product from all types of rejected blister packs.

All models in the PressOut deblistering range use minimal pressure and roller/cutting technologies to extract tablets and capsules ensuring that foil pieces do not detach from the blisters and preventing product damage during the deblistering process.

Key features:

    • Suitable for push-through, child resistant and peelable blisters
    • Deblistering capacity up to 60 blister packs per minute
    • Handles thermoform/alu and coldform/alu blisters
    • Product recovered cleanly and hygienically
    • No product or foil contamination

Packaging Solutions

Sepha has developed a range of small scale, high quality blister and medical device packaging solutions that are flexible, adaptable and capable of handing complex pack designs at minimal cost.

The machines can handle all thermoform and cold-form materials and offer high quality packs for all requirements including child resistant/peelable blister packs, sachets, ampoules and monitored unit dose packs.

Ideal for small batches of pharmaceutical, medical or nutraceutical products, the EZ range is economical, time efficient and suitable for:

  • Clinical trials and stability studies
  • Package development
  • Marketing samples
  • Low volume production of specialist drugs