• Highly qualified personnel
  • 32 chemists in 2017
  • 40 chemists in 2018
  • Capability for up to 70!!!!


  • Current lab around 600m2
  • MGRC lab is around 3000m2


  • KiloLab: from 1L to 30L
  • Hydrogenation: from 100ml to 2ml, and up to 60Bar
  • Cryogenic reactions: from 100ml to 30ml, -70℃ to 185℃ 
  • HPAPIs: development and kilolab facility (in 2018)


  • Pragmatic Route Selction
  • Analytical & Process Development following Quality by Design strategies
  • Expertise in Control Strategy to support process registration and validation
  • Synthesis and characterization of impurities
  • High regulatory, technical and IP knowledge
  • Process Safety studies performed in-house
  • Controlled Substances Handling


Since its foundation in 1962, MOEHS has been producing Active Ingredients, its corresponding intermediates and fine chemicals for the international Pharmaceutical Industry.

During more than 50 years, MOEHS has developed considerable technical expertise and experience.

Lately we have been working on our new facility on molecules suitable to be filed as a paragraph IV to be lunched in USA market.

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