Disaster Prevention

For Pharma and Biotech products–Diaphragm monitoring systems

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Your Benefit – Risk Prevention

  • Prevents product loss due to broken instruments
  • Saves *protects* high $ value batch
  • Self diagnosis for pressure instrumentation
  • Preventive alarm before estimated malfunction
  • Warn signal to indicate production risk
  • Keeps up the sterile bounderies

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Diaphragm Monitoring Systems

Process Automation

Pressure Transmitters

For automized systems:

  • All communication standards are available e.g. HART 7, Profibus PA, Foundation Fieldbus
  • Programable high accurate transmitter

Your Benefit

  • Self check of diaphragm integrity – easy readable
  • Immediate warn signal to indicate production risk
  • Batch could be separated and safely finished
  • Suitable for WFI systems

Patent No. DE19949831

Diaphragm monitoring system

Model DMS-FP

Diaphragm Monitoring Systems

Mobile tanks

Pressure Indicators

Indication, mobile tanks supervision, integrity monitoring

  • High-quality mechanics: Purely mechanical measuring principle & dry measuring cell
  • Robust and high overpressure safety: Robust diaphragm element material 2 - 5 times thicker than standard
  • Fully autoclavable: Sterilizable with saturated steam 134°C

Your Benefit

  • Minimizing Transportation Risk: Supervision of finished pharmaceutical “door 2 door” transport
  • Self check of diaphragm integrity – easy readable
  • More preventive against rough handling
  • Extended lifetime

White dot: diaphragm element intact

Red dot: diaphragm element defective

Patent no. DE102016005568

Diaphragm pressure gauge for sanitary applications

Diaphragm Monitoring Systems

Log function

Digital Indicator

Integrity Monitoring of mobile tanks during transport and storage

  • Accuracy: up to 0.1 %
  • Logger function with up to 50 measured values per second

Your Benefit

  • 100% Control of tank tightness
  • Open source download of log data via Bluetooth®
  • Easy data analyses and documentation
  • Suitable for hazardous areas (EX)

Digital pressure gauge

Model CPG1500

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