Abiogen Pharma is one of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies in Italy, with over 350 employees and a turnover of about 160 milion € in 2016.

We focus our activities on some therapeutic areas such as: osteoarticular pathologies, pain management, dermatology, pediatric respiratory and diabetes.

In a scenario dominated by the processes of international concentration and integration, a Company strategy geared to change and flexibility is the most valid key to avoid a subordinate role to the globalizing policy of multinational groups. 

Innovation is also the key to flexibility and the pivot on which the Manufacturing activity operates at the state of the art production site opened in Pisa in 2001.

Moreover, Abiogen international expansion is one of the drivers that will support the company’s growth during the next years. Recent partnerships and alliances will allow Abiogen to export more and more “made in Italy” abroad.

Abiogen Pharma applied to the Italian successful model a flexible and innovative approach with a strong vocation for internationalization.

On the other hand It have pursued a strategy to make therapeutic solutions widely accessible, so that all the people can benefit from it.