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Tracking service for monitoring the cold chain of pharma cargo

It is vital that pharmaceuticals are shipped in the proper conditions and reach their destinations on time. The Zenatek Tracking System uses advanced tools to monitor and report on pharmaceuticals worldwide in real time.

The Zenatek Tracking System (ZTS) ensures that packages are delivered safely, respecting the cold chain requirements and on schedule. The system can determine and trace all shipment routes, and sends immediate alerts if something unexpected happens to a package, notifying the user if, for example, a pallet’s seals have been tampered with or the goods are put at risk.

In the transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products, the respect of the cold chain is imperative; the Zenatek Tracking Service provides the opportunity to monitor continuously the temperature and the humidity inside the container. At the beginning of the trip, the user sets the temperature and humidity thresholds in the Zenatek web application, starting, in this way, the continuous monitoring of these parameters inside the container. In case of variance of temperature or humidity, our service will immediately notify, by email, the user about these anomalies and will also give the information about location where the anomalies happened. Therefore, the users will be in a position to take the necessary measures for managing the event in the proper way, such as calling those responsible for the transport, alerting the insurance company or the quality manager. Our service will place a notification by email informing that the parameters will be back within the expected levels.

the Zenatek Tracking Service provides the opportunity to monitor continuously the temperature and the humidity inside the container

The system informs users when container doors are opened and provides geocoded proof-of-delivery information to the recipient. This confirms that the shipment has reached its destination and there has been no unauthorised opening of container doors.

The system can also send notifications upon the return of containers to the shipping company’s yard, avoiding unjustified demurrages. ZTS informs clients if a container or pallet has turned on its side, capsized, or is involved in a destructive incident.

Pharmaceutical shipments can be monitored from departure to arrival at its destination anywhere in the world. Alerts are sent by Zenatek’s web-based system by email to any

The ZTS tracking device has an internal receiver that is compatible with GPS and GLONASS standards, and is also Galileo-ready to provide an accurate geographical position for a monitored shipment at any point. The system’s communication parameters, temperature and humidity can be remotely configured; even after a shipment has departed.

The ZTS will trigger alarms when a container’s internal temperature or humidity deviates from a predetermined level set by the client at the start of the forwarding. It also alerts the user when the temperature returns to the required set level.

At the end of the transportation, the device can be disposed, avoiding, in this way, expensive and time demanding reverse logistics practices

Effective design  

The ZTS design was based on strict cost control in order to develop container tracking devices at an affordable price without compromising the efficacy of what is needed by the end user; tracking and monitoring. ZTS monitors containers and assets in transit around the world, providing real-time information on possible tampering, temperature variances and location using GPS/GSM.

As a comprehensive, self-contained service, ZTS devices need not be retrieved at destination points because all traced route and shipment information is in the system and has already been transmitted. The devices may be used on a ‘one-way’ basis, this particular cost-saving feature makes it ideal for monitoring pharma cargo.

The battery life for a device sending six messages a day for twelve months. The number of daily reports can be altered according to the user’s requirements.
Alerts are sent by email to the user’s personal devices. The user is able to log in with an encrypted password and ID to view the cargo’s position and the notifications.

Web-based portals for precise tracking  

Through a multiple-mapping solution viewed on a web-based tracking portal, the position of the tracking device can be located within meters. Each unique user has access to the ZTS portal, enabling them to view the real-time location and where the cargo has been.

In under a few minutes, the container tracking device is attached to the internal face of the container door by three powerful magnets. No tools are needed for installation. Real-time logistics data is available as soon as the device has been installed.

The client may store documentation such as a packing list, bill of lading, and sanitary certificates in the web-based application. The information may be retrieved with a password from the client’s agent at the destination.

Supply chain chokepoints

ZTS enables identification of chokepoints in the supply chain – where cargo is likely to be misplaced at terminals or delayed. Therefore, it also allows users to reduce safety stocks, which are the inventories that exceed normal needs and are used as a buffer against shipment delays.

Real-time information on what is happening with shipments and a reliable alarm system to report adverse incidents gives users control over the situation, and enables effective and prompt reaction for damage control if necessary; such as reshipping.