The fight against Covid-19 has thrust antibody drugs into the spotlight, with a number of high-profile companies putting their money behind antibody-based therapeutics. But, while this level of interest may be new, antibodies have been a key area of pharma R&D for a very long time. To find out more, we take a look back at key developments in antibody drugs innovation and, as regulatory inspections begin to resume, we explore the criteria that manufacturers must meet to prove production processes are up to scratch.

Also in this issue, we take a look at the therapeutic potential of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin, examine the benefits of using AI-enabled risk detection software to increase product quality and process efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and investigate the potential long-term health impacts of Covid-19.

Plus, we round up the latest developments in retinitis pigmentosa gene therapies, find out what is behind the growing number of investments in the fertility treatment market, examine new drug developments for coeliac disease, and learn why pharmacovigilance departments are failing to automate data capture.