Exploiting RNA to improve healthcare

Biogazelle is a Contract Research Organization specializing in high-value applications to support pharmaceutical research, clinical trials and diagnostic test development. We help our clients accelerate the development of therapeutics, including small molecules, RNA targeted drugs, and adoptive cell therapies.

Biomarker Discovery and Development

At Biogazelle, we apply a suite of genomic and transcriptomic technologies, to identify, validate and develop RNA and DNA biomarkers in the context of drug discovery and development. Through the combination of RNA sequencing and advanced model building, our biomarker development platform aims at establishing a complex biomarker, integrating gene expression measurements and clinical parameters. Following the initial discovery, Biogazelle can support the further development of the biomarker into a clinical-grade test, offering in this way an end-to-end solution from RNA biomarker discovery to the development of a research-use-only (RUO) or clinical trial biomarker assay.

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Antisense Oligonucleotide Screening

To support the development of RNA-based therapeutics, we have put in place a comprehensive and high-throughput platform that can screen hundreds of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) for on-target knock-down efficiency. Consisting of a panel of 20 model cell lines that have high free-uptake capacity, our platform covers the majority of the human transcriptome. Our services include:

  • in vitro ASO efficacy screening
  • ASO specificity analysis
  • understanding drug mode of action
  • development of a companion diagnostic test

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Explore drug MOA with high-throughput expression profiling

To support early drug discovery we have developed a proprietary low-cost, high-throughput molecular cellular phenotyping service. HTPathwaySeq allows you to characterize therapeutic molecules, including small molecules and RNA targeting agents such as siRNAs and antisense oligonucleotides. By measuring the activity of molecular pathways through such an expression profiling approach, we provide insights into drug mode of action as well as potential safety issues, compound similarities and target deconvolution. An example application in the case of RNA therapeutic molecules is the study of off-target effects, which can yield novel insights in disease pathways and potentially novel therapeutic targets.

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