SmartLaunch™ is a collaborative launch execution platform tailored to the needs of managing pharmaceutical new product launches across countries.


Global, regional and country plans aligned under a common framework and dashboards.


Traffic light dashboards provide full visibility of launch readiness across countries and work streams.


Team members can collaborate directly on milestones and activities as they work on the execution 


Streamline and automate processes that are traditionally manual and cumbersome.

SmartLaunch™ is an agile launch execution platform. It addresses the particular challenges of managing pharmaceutical product launches across countries.

What’s holding you back from a successful product launch?

Chasing countries for updates, manually consolidating data or generating reports is time-consuming. It is made worse by lack of visibility across countries and workstreams, as well as poor alignment between global and country activities. That poses a serious strategic and operational risk.

How does SmartLaunch™ solve this problem?

SmartLaunch™ helps you achieve higher-quality launch execution by driving alignment of launch activities, real-time visibility of launch readiness and cross-functional collaboration. By streamlining processes, it also helps to save you time.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Traffic light dashboards
  • Global and country launch plans
  • Collaboration tools
  • Risk-tracking
  • Capture decisions
  • Key learnings & insights
  • Personal email notifications


Launch Readiness 2021

The Ultimate Guide to the Key Challenges Facing Global Pharmaceutical New Product Launches.

If you are launching a new medicine in 2021, you need to understand as fully as possible the complex and fast-changing landscape you are entering. That is particularly urgent now that the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed so many exceptional restrictions on market access. To learn more about the most anticipated new product launches in 2021, as well as the key emerging trends in launch readiness and how you can address them, download this free white paper. 

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