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BUCHI for the pharmaceuticals industry

Supporting pharmaceuticals advances with proven analytical solutions by BUCHI.

Development, production and QC processes in the pharmaceutical industry require more reliability, speed and automation than procedures in any other sector. BUCHI offers analytical systems developed with decades of experience, technical proficiency and innovative designs to guarantee the quality of your product at any step of the value chain.

Established quality for the pharmaceuticals industry

For more than 75 years, BUCHI has been a leading global solutions provider in laboratory technology for R&D, quality control and production purposes. The company serves a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and academia. BUCHI offers high quality solutions for numerous applications such as laboratory, industrial and parallel evaporation, spray drying, melting point, preparative chromatography, extraction, distillation and digestion, and near infrared spectroscopy. 

All services offered by BUCHI are characterized by innovation, efficiency, convenience and customization to individual customer needs. With nearly 20 subsidiaries and support centres, as well as 70 qualified distribution partners worldwide, BUCHI supports important pharmaceuticals projects in any corner of the world by consistently delivering “quality in your hands”. 

Highly flexible solutions for pharmaceutical applications

The reliability of BUCHI’s products and services make them the perfect match for pharmaceuticals applications. Drug discovery and development require safe, efficient and compliant sample processing and analytics. BUCHI proudly offers a variety of established solutions for all steps of the drug production process, from lead generation to final registration for market introduction. 

Customers can benefit from maximal flexibility in the full range of applications ranging from evaporation, concentration, purification and formulation to classical and modern analytical methods for incoming inspection and quality control. The highly automated solutions offered by offer various possibilities, including the possibility to scale up from lab to production and to work with various sample types and sizes.

Considerable time savings during laboratory evaporation

Efficient solvent evaporation and sample concentration are essential in synthesis, work-up, analytical sample preparation and solvent recycling, as well as pilot scale production. Using a smartly developed evaporator helps optimize and automate important steps of the process to result in significant time and cost savings. 

BUCHI’s Rotavapor offers several unique features specifically designed to speed up the evaporation process without compromising product quality. For example, the solvent library sets the ideal vacuum so that the distillation process can begin immediately even if not all parameters have reached their set values. The AutoDest sensor enables the performance of unattended distillations with specific settings continuously adjusted by the system. Specifically designed accessories, such as the High Performance condenser can help quicken the distillation process by doubling the available cooling area. Well-designed system modes also increase the speed of the reaction. For example, the drying mode enables customized definition of drying intervals for enhanced drying of a slurry. 

Discover how to improve your rotary evaporation, by downloading the evaporation poster.

More free time thanks to automated lyophilization process

BUCHI’s Lyovapor offers the highest degree of automation to free up user time for other important tasks. The powerful cooling systems enable an incredibly quick startup within five minutes. Intelligent technology precisely and automatically controls temperature difference between ice condenser and frozen sample, as well as pressure values in drying and condenser chamber. The process automatically continues with the next phase as soon as the endpoint of the single drying phase is reached, reducing the need for direct supervision. Mobile process monitoring enables unattended control of lyophilization thanks to monitor apps, method programming, remote process start and push notifications of error warnings. 

Discover useful tips on how to set up the optimal parameters to improve your lyophilization. Download the freeze drying poster.

Higher efficiency with optimized chromatography process

The chromatography systems at BUCHI guarantee maximal time savings with several optimized features. The system software enables quick and easy conversion of TLC data into flash gradient conditions for more efficient separations. Users can switch between a crude separation and high resolution separation with one simple click. Use of appropriate particle shape can increase the sample load and flow rates and speed up the separation process. An ELSD detector detects compounds invisible with UV detection alone, enabling users to collect samples only based on peaks. This reduces the number of collected fractions and any additional work after the collection. 

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