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Avery Dennison provides self-adhesive label testing for the pharmaceutical industry

Bringing high-tech testing to the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical companies have a lot to consider when preparing their applications for the market. When it comes to labelling, selecting the right materials and adhesives is crucial to safety and compliance requirements. To help the sector with this important process, Avery Dennison is offering self-adhesive label testing through a dedicated lab, marking an important first in Europe while removing roadblocks for its customers.

Pharmaceutical brand owners have long lacked a specialized facility in Europe for conducting label application tests on their products. There are several options across the continent for tests that are performed according to FINAT & ASTM standards. However, the methods used aren’t always relevant for the pharmaceutical industry, which has different requirements for things like tamper evident labels, blood bag labeling and smaller containers like prefilled syringes.

Avery Dennison has stepped in to fill the gap. For the past decade, the company has been developing testing methods and protocols in various locations, including its European headquarters in the Netherlands. The testing options it has created have been well-received by converters and end users in the pharmaceutical sector, and help them meet the high standards required of their products.

Filling a gap in the market with bespoke services

“By offering testing services designed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical sector, we’re filling a gap in the market and helping companies get products to patients faster,” explains Jos van Noort - Principal Scientist Global Pharma at Avery Dennison. “Large testing outfits don’t offer services specifically for pharma labelling applications. They often require between four and six months of lead time as well, which is just too long.”

There are other concerns that have created challenges for the sector as well. Smaller testing companies frequently lack pharmaceutical expertise. In-house testing is not always an option due to a lack of know-how and capabilities, as well as legal concerns and time constraints. All in all, it makes testing – one of the most critical concerns for the industry – difficult.

Entering a new field to better serve customers

“As a materials science specialist, Avery Dennison has knowledge and skills that have been developed over many years. We can provide the services companies need while meeting their demands in terms of time and quality. Testing is also a new area of business for us. We’re known for selling high-quality products that range from RFID tags to compostable labels, but now we’re offering a service for the first time, and it’s exciting to see the company take this step forward,” explains van Noort.

Avery Dennison’s unmatched expertise in self-adhesive materials allows it to offer the highest level of customer service and testing. The company can develop made-to-order tests that mimic the specific conditions a product will be exposed to, whether it’s extreme temperatures or the wear and tear that accompanies the everyday handling of goods. All of this can be done in a relatively short amount of time as well, making it easier for pharmaceutical companies to meet tight deadlines and get their products to market faster.

“To put it simply,” says van Noort, “we are experts when it comes to self-adhesive materials and possess a level of knowledge that the competition simply can’t match. We also understand what a pharmaceutical product might encounter on its journey to the patient, and we’re ready to run tests that simulate extreme conditions to make sure labels and packaging can withstand whatever comes their way.”

Simplifying the approval process through reliable testing

Additionally, Avery Dennison is facilitating the evaluation of labeling materials for new products or changing those used for their current offerings in case of application issues. These reports clearly state which solutions are the most appropriate for any given application, simplifying the process of making a case for a particular product.

In doing so, clients will experience a simplified process that makes their work easier. They will know what to choose and how to demonstrate why a particular solution is ideal for their product. Perhaps most importantly, they will experience the confidence that comes from knowing what they have selected will perform to the highest standards, allowing them to avoid costly changes and upgrades down the line.

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