Production statistics in real time: visualise and optimize

The amount that pharmaceutical packaging companies invest in their machinery, as well as in staff training, is considerable. So much depends on ensuring that machines – and employees – work together as efficiently as possible while guaranteeing the safety and quality of the final product. Consequently, the profitability of a company is all about optimisation. But, with different machines performing various tasks across multiple production lines, controlling operations can quickly become a very complex challenge.

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Real information – in real 

Comscale4 is a comprehensive software system that provides companies with a complete real- time overview of their production processes. The software monitors all inspection technology across all lines at different production sites, bringing together all the product quality data and presenting it in a comprehensible format. And it does all this in real time. After all, if there’s a bottleneck or quality problem in a line, the sooner the staff know it, the better. They can react rapidly to existing or emerging situations and rectify any quality problems with minimum delay. Comscale4 enables clear visibility into the minute-to-minute operation of the company’s production lines by means of charts, dynamic dashboards and reports. 

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Controlling cost of ownership

Wipotec-OCS has always been committed to sparing its customers any concerns about product lock-in. Comscale4 is no exception to that philosophy. Companies can leverage the benefits of Comscale4 without having to commit to tedious subscription models. Instead, there is just a one-off acquisition cost. There are five versions, ranging from Start to Enterprise. Small and large companies alike will find that one of these Comscale4 packages has been designed with them in mind. However, low cost does not mean low value. The benefits that Comscale4 delivers in terms of the elimination of bottlenecks, quality control problems and material wastage have a real and positive impact on the operation’s bottom line.

Discover more about the features and benefits of the software as well as expandable software packages in the Comscale4 brochure.

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Three decades of innovation

Wipotec-OCS has over thirty years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality solutions for weighing, inspection and serialisation. Precision and ease of use have always been at the heart of the company’s approach to design and development. These characteristics are now carried forward to Comscale4, purpose-designed software that allows customers to exploit their hardware to the maximum by delivering real-time reporting to company managers - wherever they may be.

The company’s philosophy of keeping the greatest part of production in-house means that hardware and software design and manufacture all take place at its state-of-the-art facilities in Germany.

The resulting short lines of communication promote maximum flexibility in creating innovative solutions, whether hardware- or software-based. Given that Comscale4 comes from the same stable as this range of high-precision inspection and checking equipment, it's no coincidence that the software integrates so seamlessly with the machines on the production line.

The fact that over 3,000 manufacturers worldwide place their trust in Wipotec-OCS’s products is testament to the company’s technological leadership and passion for innovation.