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Issue 100 • November 2020

Welcome to our 100th edition of Pharma Technology Focus. It’s a big milestone for us and I would like to thank you for continuing to read and engage with our magazine.

As you may have noticed, the format of this edition is a little different. We have given the magazine a bit of a shake up with a new structure that – fingers crossed – will make it easier to read and navigate. As always, we are still working hard to bring you high-quality coverage of the pharma industry – now including even more analysis from our healthcare experts here at GlobalData.

Speaking of which, here's what we have in this issue:

As a Covid-19 vaccine edges closer to becoming a marketed reality, the pharma industry faces an even greater hurdle – getting the public to accept it. For some, this may seem like an easy task – who wouldn’t want to receive a treatment that could potentially save their life? But the reality is that vaccine hesitancy is becoming a real and persistent issue for medicine as the anti-vax movement grows and gains followers.

But how can the pharma industry overcome such an emotional issue? We take a look at some of the key reasons anti-vaxxer arguments have caught the attention of patients around the world and speak to industry experts to identify ways to combat the spread of misinformation.

Elsewhere in pharma, painkillers have become a key area of concern, particularly amid an ongoing opioid crisis, however for chronic pain patients treating the issue without painkillers is a challenge. But what are the alternatives? We delve into the topic of treating chronic pain to find out more.

Plus, with research highlight a high proportion of Covid-19 cases impacting people of colour, we investigate a lack of diversity in clinical research. What barriers are preventing BAME trial recruitment – and crucially – how will a lack of BAME trial subjects impact treatment down the line?

I hope you enjoy the first new-look issue of Pharma Technology Focus. Here's to the next 100 issues. 

Eloise Mclennan, editor