30 Years Experience

Mimotopes is the founder of peptide library technology. We continued to grow and learn over the decades – now our expertise is unrivaled.

We work tirelessly to stay ahead of the game to ensure, as always, that we supply the best possible products.

Efficient & Economical Screening Solutions

Peptide Libraries have dozens of potential applications. From screening to epitope mapping, a peptide library can be exclusively designed to your specifications, for your research.

  • Discover crucial residues with an Alanine Scan Library
  • Map epitopes with an Overlapping Library
  • Narrow down the shortest active sequences with a Truncated Library

Dozens of Options to Customise

A standard Peptide Library can be supplied as with a precise length and offset designed to best suit your assays, but that’s not all. Modifications and labels can be applied to the termini or even within the sequence. Arrange a consultation to discuss your options and design your library.

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