Every year, at-risk patients are encouraged to get the flu vaccine to prevent the spread of influenza and minimise the number of serious, or fatal, cases. The vaccine is commonly administered via intravenous injection, but in recent years researchers have been on the hunt for a needle-free solution. We chart the evolution of the flu vaccine to find out how practitioners are adapting to fight this virus hydra.

Also, we explore the challenges of developing drugs for children following the news that paediatric patients in the US are commonly prescribed drugs that have not been studied or approved for use in children, argue whether countries should repatriate API manufacturing to break up the China/India monopoly, and take a look at Ireland’s surging drug manufacturing industry and the interesting impact it appears to be having on local residents.

Plus, we examine the link between recurrent miscarriage and endometriosis, find out how PR spin doctors are helping Big Pharma companies to improve their public image, speak to the Gavi alliance about its role in immunising 300 million people by 2025, and investigate the problems with cancer trial design and administration.

Eloise McLennan, editor