Hypodermic Needles in Hard Plastic Unit Packaging

Optimized processability

Each needle is sterile-packed individually in a hard plastic packaging (cutting a blister pack is not required).

Compact unit pack design takes up little space in secondary packaging when being by-packed.

Packaging design (rips, flanges, round shape) supports compatibility with feeders and automated pick-and-place systems.

Color-coded labels and barcode on label enable in-line product identification by a vision system.

Smooth administrations

Ergonomic design of the packaging allows a firm grip resulting in a very easy opening and removal of the cap.

Proprietary grinding process results in an exceptionally sharp lancet point able to penetrate tissue smoothly.

Homogeneously-siliconized cannula supports excellent gliding performance during administrations.

Tamper-proof labels on unit pack confirms unused state of needle.

Secure connection to syringes

Needlehub complies to ISO 80369-7, allowing a proper connection to syringes.