Komal Reverse Osmosis System

The unique features of KOMAL Reverse Osmosis (RO) system allow you to produce high quality water consistently for a variety of applications. With their compact designs, simple operation and low maintenance, KOMAL system are perfect for your use.

Komal Purified Water (PW) System

Each plant for the production of purified water is custom made, whether its capacity is 100 l/h or over 25 m3 /h. Every plant is designed with the customer and all the design parameters in minute details and with the same passion and dedication towards building an effective, safe and reliable system. After all each customer has a different system requirement: An SME engaging in contact manufacture has need which differs from an international conglomerate. Thus no plant is entirely like any other. ALL KOMAL PW basic systems meet EP, USP and guidelines and ensure the production process, product quality and profitability. The GMP-compliant confirms to FDA and ISPE requirements.

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