Latest update: 29 March 2022

After a strong post-Covid economic rebound recorded in 2021, the global growth is projected to decelerate markedly in 2022

GlobalData polls show that concern over the spread of Covid-19 remains volatile, and so does the business optimism.

88.3 %

88.3% of population in China has received one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine


The consensus forecast for world GDP growth in 2022 has been lowered to 3.8%


Latest update: 4 March 2022

industry development


Number of disrupted trials due to Covid-19. Although suspended trials have begun to recruit participants and delays in trial initiation have leveled off, the impact on trials resulting in slow recruitment is still on the rise


According to the World Health Organization, the Omicron BA.2 variant now comprises nearly 86% of all sequenced cases globally.

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Developing an effective vaccine or therapeutic against Covid-19 is only part of the equation for addressing this and future outbreaks. Short and mid-term pharmaceutical mitigation strategies include a continued shift towards virtual for physician detailing, select conferences, and clinical trials to minimize future disruptions.

A reduced dependency on a single entity or region for supply chain and manufacturing is also needed. Still, China will remain a major source for manufacturing due to cost constraints to shift process.

Long-term strategies should re-examine current manufacturing capabilities for critical supplies and prioritize the replenishment of stockpiles. Moreover, it is important to continue to monitor coronaviruses, as this family has now been associated with three known outbreaks associated with significant morbidity and mortality.


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