Project Updates

The Paul and Diane Manning Institute of Biotechnology

Credit: UVA

Location: Virginia, US
Project type: Research institute
Estimated investment: $350m
Construction Started: December 2023

The University of Virginia’s (UVA) research centre will expedite research in areas including cell therapy, gene therapy, nanotechnology and drug delivery, for the development of new medical treatments.

Merck’s Life Science Advanced Research Centre

Credit: Merck KGaA

Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Project type: Research centre
Estimated investment: €300m ($321m)
Construction started: April 2024
Completion date: early 2027

Merck's research centre will be used to explore critical technologies for manufacturing antibodies, mRNA applications, and essential products for biotechnological production.

Piramal’s ADC manufacturing facility

Credit: Piramal Pharma Solutions / PR Newswire

Location: Grangemouth, Scotland
Project type: Manufacturing facility expansion
Investment: €45m ($60.85m)
Construction started: February 2022

The expanded facility increased Piramal’s ADC production capacity by 70% to 80%, as demand for commercial ADCs and early-phase clinical materials continues to increase.