Product Launch

Pre-fillable Glass Syringe Systems

Silicone Oil-Free

for biotech, ophthalmics, and vaccines highly sensitive to silicone oil

Excellent drug-container compatibility

 Silicone oil-free syringe system

Silicone oil-free barrel | Silicone oil-free plunger stopper

 Minimized particle level

Stringent inspection for glass particles | Strict control of foreign matter

 Reduced or no risk of interactions due to tungsten

Controlled low level of tungsten | Tungsten-free luer syringes

Smooth integration into auto-injection devices

 Exact fit into auto-injection devices

Highly precise syringe dimensions | Controlled rigid needle shield concentricity and barrel bowing

 Complete dose delivery and precise injection time

Low break-loose force | Consistent plunger gliding force

 Supports safe operation of injection mechanisms

Strong finger flange | 100% in-line X-Ray inspection prevents pierced rigid needle shields (no unseen CCI)

Optimized processability for minimal drug loss

Reduced risk of final rejects due to cosmetic or dimensional aspects

100% in-line camera inspection of cosmetic and dimensional quality (incl. consistent flange restriction) | Rigid needle shield/closure intact and straight | Minimized particle level

Increased mechanical durability minimizes risk of breakage

Excellent quality of NSV51 glass (consistent wall thickness, minimal cosmetic defects: stones, knots, inclusions, etc.) | Laser-based cutting for increased mechanical durability of finger flanges

Reliable processability of D2F™ tubs

EtO indicator prevents entrance of unsterile tubs | Automatic bagger ensures integrity of breather bag and optimal processability on filling line