Editor's letter

Issue 144 • July 2024

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Cover image: Volodymyr Kryshtal / Getty Images

Welcome to the latest issue of Pharmaceutical Technology Focus magazine

After trialling a subscription-style system for procuring antimicrobial drugs, the UK’s National Health Service recently announced that it will formalise this approach to help spur research in this space. Historically, companies developing antimicrobial drugs have found it difficult to build revenues on these much-needed drugs considering antibiotic stewardship programs. This month’s cover story breaks down how such an approach could help address that.

Also, this month, we take a look at how the Swiss biotech landscape has weathered the tough financial ecosystem of last year, which continues to keep companies from listing on public exchanges.

Included in this issue is the latest coverage on oncology drug development following the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2024 Annual Meeting, and an interview on how patient advocacy is changing clinical research. All this, along with the latest news and deals in the pharmaceutical landscape.

Manasi Vaidya, editor