DE.SY.RE 1000 - The fastest inspection machine in pharma to accelerate your products to market.

In the world of pharmaceutical production, high speed truly can be a game changer. The faster you can inspect and produce your medical products, the quicker you can bring them to market, providing people with needed healthcare and seeing a return on your investment. To satisfy this need, we have developed the DE.SY.RE 1000 – the fastest inspection machine in pharma. 

With its lightning speed of 1000 containers per minute, the DE.SY.RE 1000 will help you stay ahead of the competition and get your products to market faster than ever before – especially when it comes to pharma blockbuster production and large batches. Don’t settle for less – choose the DE.SY.RE 1000 and boldly inspect your way to success.

  • Outpace the industry standard: Inspect both syringes or cartridges at an impressive high speed of 1,000 containers/minute.
  • Maximized inspection quality: With special camera stations for particle inspection of highly viscous products or liquids that are susceptible to air bubbles, you are always on the safe side.
  • Smooth handling at full speed: A state-of-the-art de- and renesting system ensures safe handling at maximum speed while preventing glass-to-glass contact.
  • AI powered and future proof: Reduce your false reject rate (FRR) by up to 90% while increasing the detection rate by up to 40 percent with AI-powered inspection.

Accelerate your products to market with DE.SY.RE 1000