PepSets™ Peptide Libraries ❭

PepSets™ can be supplied with a precise length and offset designed to best suit the user’s assays, but that’s not all. Modifications and labels can be applied to the termini or even within the sequence to adapt the usage for any experimental purpose.

In recent years, PepSets™ have had tremendous successes in the immunology sector for vaccine and drug development. These versatile molecular tools have further applications in dozens of fields, including epitope mapping and structure-activity studies.  

  • Discover crucial residues with an Alanine Scan Library 
  • Map epitopes with an Overlapping Peptide Library 
  • Narrow down the shortest active sequences with a Truncated Peptide Library

Fast & Reliable

Mimotopes is the founder of peptide libraries. Across the 35 years since its inception, the technology and its userbase have developed side-by-side to make PepSets™ an unrivaled juggernaut in research today.

Hundreds of peptides are synthesized simultaneously with Mimotopes’ exclusive parallel synthesis technology. Thanks to a rapid production cycle, peptide libraries reach their users fast, aiming to never delay critical experiments.

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